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We have the owners manuals available for all the Endeavour sailboats ranging from 32 to 43 feet. Our intent is to eventually provide electronic (PDF) versions of these manuals for download, with a TOC, diagrams, and search feature. Some are posted on the boat specific pages. We also have many of the reviews and other documentation for many of the boats. If you need an owners manual or are interested in helping, please contact Paul Uhl at


Engine Manuals (PDFs)

PERKINS 4-108 Handbook (816k)
PERKINS 4-108 Parts Book
PERKINS 4-108 Workshop Manual (8.9mb)

Hurth HBW 5/10/15 Transmission Manual (148k)
Hurth HBW 50/100/150 Manual (180k)

Yanmar Technical Bulletin (3.1mb)
Yanmar engine control lever position during sailing with engine stopped for Models KM2p, KM35P, KM35A, KM4A

Borg Warner Velvet Drive Owners Manual (4.1mb)
Borg Warner Velvet Drive Service Manual (3.1mb)
Attached Borg Warner Velvet Drive owners manual and Service Manual. The latter is for a 2.0 ratio but I have used it for a 2.5 too. The 2.0 to 2.5 are identical in the bearings seals etc.I have used this to tear down a 2.5
....If you need parts the best source I found was in Port Huron.
....As a note the model number EG 14313  ending in an odd number (13) would be a left hand turn and obviously an even number ending a right hand.
....The right hands were the ones causing the real problems on the drop center they put all the output into an idler off of the planetaries.
....The fill mark on the stick is about 3/8 in. from the bottom and still may not be correct based on the angle of your driveline, and whether the coolers have drained back in or not. I would change over to all Dexron, but do not mix.
....If you have water intrusion from a cooler or whatever, you can try flushing, but my & others experience is always a failure at some point, in the not to distant future.
....If you pull the tranny do check the flex plate for broken springs etc.(Cost $1 to 2 C). 
....The trans has two hidden mounting bolts from the front on the engine side. To pull get yourself a couple of long bolts of the correct size, maybe 4-5 in long, one on each side to be able to slide the trans in and out.
....Do understand that you are playing with about 250 lbs of trans.
....The last two failures I have seen were due to misadjusted shift linkage, not allowing full engagement.
....If you happen to have a rear main seal leak, with the flex plate out would be the time . . . it is a rope seal.


Technical & Service Bulletins (PDFs)

YANMAR Technical Bulletin (156k)
Yanmar engine control lever position during sailing with engine stopped for Models KM2p, KM35P, KM35A, KM4A


Drawings & Diagrams (PDFs)

E40 Fuel Tank Drawings (Florida Marine Tank)


Winches (PDFs)

Barient 18 2-Speed (93k)
Specifications, maintenance and Service Manual


Other Reading

"Heart of Glass" by Daniel Spurr

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