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Tri-Radial Symmetrical Spinnaker

Perfect for an Endeavour 42 or 43

The sail has seen very light use. There are no patches, discoloration or soiling. Stitching is in very good condition and no apparent wear. Blue turtle bag. Old/Condition is GOOD to Very Good. Approx 30lb

North Sails 1.5oz Nylon - Colors are white, yellow and orange.
SL: 48.65'
SF: 28.4'

Will fit an Endeavour 42 very nicely with a 16' spin pole

E42 Dimensions
J: 16' (Jx1.8=28.8')
P: 47.5'
I: 54.75'

E43 Dimensions
J: 17' (Jx1.8=28.8')
P: 48'
I: 55'


$475.00 + shipping — NEW PRICE!

Email: Paul Uhl
Chicago Area


North Sails 1.5oz Symmetrical Spinnaker

North Sails 1.5oz Symmetrical Spinnaker