Endeavour Toe Rails

Date: October 4, 1999
From: Michael C. Esposito esposito@irishboatshop.com

I am looking for replacement alum. toe rail for an 1979 Endeavour 32. Any help would be appreciated.

Date: October 4, 1999
From: Paul Uhl endvr32@endeavourowners.com

I can tell you that you can't get the exact same toe rail. I know a boat that went thru this a few years back and ended up using a different extrusion--I'm not sure who made it. I do remember that the new rail had an ellipse hole rather than the round ones found on the Endeavour toe rail.

Date: October 4, 1999
From: Michael Esposito esposito@irishboatshop.com

Thanks for your help. An exact match is not as critical as the large overlap of the topsides. That is the fairly unique part of the 32 rail. Holes spacing on deck is also non-standard, but that is not a big deal to change.

I will wait to see what you can find out. I am certainly out of ideas.

Date: October 5, 1999
From: Carl Hibbard Chgypsy@aol.com

Can't help directly. However for what its worth department Sturgeon Bay Yachts, Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin was an Endeavour dealer, and had a bunch of boats that are still around. And they are right accross the lake from you.

Date: October 6, 1999
From: Charlie Mackey mackeyc@juno.com

Replacing a toe rail has got to be about the hardest thing I can imagine doing. If all the obvious sources of rails (yards, builders, etc) fail, he might check aluminum companies (Alcoa, Alcan, Reynolds) for stock "T" extrusions which will substitute directly or an be easily modified. A local metal fabricating shop could do the modifications, or make up one from scratch by welding together standard shapes.

Date: October 7, 1999
From: Dean Beckman BkyBnr@aol.com

I have a 1982 E-32 and I believe the toe rail is available. Last spring when I was considering replacing mine I think it was about $450 per side. If you need it, I will be glad to find the vendor name and pass it on.

Date: December 6, 1999
From: Ray Cullum raycullum@netscape.net

I am considering removing both toe rails on my E32. They are in good shape but the bedding has dried and water from the decks leak through and create stains on the blue hull. Is this a difficult job and does anyone have any tips on making it easier? I am assuming the toe rail is fastened with screws; not bolts.

Date: December 6, 1999
From: Paul Uhl endvr32@endeavourowners.com

Hi Ray,
I've actually done both of these projects so here goes . . .

It can be possible for one person to do this but I'd recommend 2. As for how it's attached, I found ours to be screwed and bolted thru with backing plates. The problem as you might have guessed is not so much getting it off, but putting it back on. But before you run out and pull it, I would highly recommend that you mask the deck and freeboard first. This makes the job a lot easier when you go to rebed. You may want to 'clean' the glass before masking, but mask tightly to the toe rail. Because we have backed bolts, we had to remove the interior panels. Not hard but a pain. Also, be careful not to bend the toe rail when removing it.

I found that using a halyard to help support the end(s) of the toe rail helped--they are a bit awkward and because of the length, heavy.

Rebedding is messy. While masking before removing the rails helps, I found it difficult to clean the screw holes. To reinstall, I started at one end (halyard supporting the other so the rail is INLINE with the deck--parallel to deck and freeboard) and like any bedding job, set the rail loosely with the screws. As I went along I would adjust the position of the rail. It helps to have someone els doing this as they can also steady the rail or reposition it for you while you apply the 5200 and screws. After it sets up, go back and tighten them down. You might want to put a coat of wax on the 'exterior' surface of the rail to help with the clean up. Use acetone to clean all surfaces. If your using 5200, you'll need all the help you can get. Leave the excess 5200 unless there is substantial overflow, until you have the rail attached. WATCH for drips on the freeboard. Have lots of clean up materials and try to keep your hands clean. You may want to try a dry run before applying the 5200 to get a feel for bending and attaching the rail.

Also, if your hull is painted, you may end up with a bad painted edge where the paint meets the toe rail.

Date: December 6, 1999
From: Tom Gilbert TGil95746@aol.com

YIKES !!!!!!!!!!! Don't go there !!!
My rail caulking looks dried and IS...... Scrape off the offending caulking, and recaulk with something like Phenoseal (color of choice) and do both the upper joint and the lower joint. That will alleviate 99 % of the staining problem. I have had my interior trim pieces off numerous times, and it isn't an easy job to undo the bolted, I say bolted, toerails. ( you'll get to all but three easily, then swear you'll never attempt this nonsense again....if you get out of this one alive !!!) The staining is from icky water running under the rails, collecting more icky matter on it's way overboard. (No leaks into the cabin ?) The final solution is to install through-hull drains in the deck, just aft of the last stanchion. More on that in other areas.

Date: December 6, 1999
From: Kevin Coon kkcoon@worldnet.att.net

The toe rail on my '79 E32 is screwed in not bolted. Please let me know how this job goes- I would like to do it someday. Thanks

Date: December 7, 1999
From: Jim McMordie Jim_McMordie@gilbarco.com

My 1976 E-32 was also leaking between the toe rail and the hull. I just sealed it with RTV caulking. You can do a relatively neat job if your'e careful.

Date: December 7, 1999
From: Dave and Carol Wright Dgw1@aol.com

I have never removed the toerails on my former E-32, but I would be willing to guess that it is a difficult job, particulary if the adhesive is 5200.

Date: December 7, 1999
From: Gene Robinson GRADY20@aol.com

We have a 35'. I started to do the same thing, but ours was thru bolted with a 1" backing plate, many of them were very hard if not impossible to get to, without dismantling the boat. Needless to say, I changed my mind. Go luck.

Date: January 4, 2000
From: Gene Rohloff gener@execpc.com

Few years ago my '78 E32 sustained damage to the port toe rail. After attempting to find a replacement I settled on a repair job. Some expert welding and grinding resulted in a not-to-raunchy appearing rail. The most difficult task was straightening kinks and the most tedious was removing interior panels to access nuts, backing plates etc. If anyone knows of the whereabouts and/or availibility of a used '78 E32 port toe rail I would be interested it. The unique cross section of the rail to me appeared difficult to match.

Date: January 5, 2000
From: Paul Uhl endvr32@endeavourowners.com

Several years ago I looked into replacing the toe rail on the Endeavour 32 and found that they don't manufacture the exact same extruded rail any longer. I don't recal who we eventually got the replacement from (both port and starboard), but I seem to remember that the overlap of the rail against the hull/deck was an issue--that few manufacturer's made one with a large enough lip to overlap the hull/deck joint properly.

As for finding a 'used' one, you might check with the insurance salvage yards in Florida. I'd start with an insurance company and then check with surveyors in the area. If anyone should know, they would. If you do find a source, please let us know. You're not the first to ask and it would be useful information to have for other Endeavour owners.